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Earlham College Office

Gary DeCoker | Director, Japan Study, Earlham College | 765-983-1890
Gary became the director of Japan Study in 2003. He also was the Resident Director in 1991-92 when he was a professor at Ohio Wesleyan University. He received his MA in Japanese Studies and Ph.D. in Comparative Education from the University of Michigan. At Earlham, he is Professor of Japanese Studies. His research interests include educational reform and education in the arts. He is the editor of National Standards and School Reform in Japan and the United States (Teachers College Press, 2002), Japanese Education in the Era of Globalization (Teachers College Press, 2013), and numerous articles and book chapters on contemporary Japanese education, the teaching of the Japanese traditional arts, and current issues in U.S. education. His publications have appeared in Harvard Educational Review, Education About Asia, Social Education,Monumenta Nipponica, Phi Delta Kappan, Education Week, and The Chronicle of Higher Education. DeCoker has been awarded research grants from the Japan Foundation, Spencer Foundation, Japanese Ministry of Education, and the Japan-United States Friendship Commission.

Kiah Puth| Program Associate, Japan Study, Earlham College | 765-983-1883

Kiah is a  2012 graduate of Earlham College and participant in the 2010-2011 Japan Study Program and has personal experience with the study and work abroad programs in Japan offered by Earlham College.  She recently returned from two years of teaching English in Morioka on the Earlham College M-ALT program.  Kiah is a great resource to the office and she can speak to students' questions about life in Japan, as well as help them prepare for and make the most of their own time abroad.

Mary Owens | Coordinator, Japan Study, Earlham College | 765-983-1224
Mary, a native of the Richmond, Indiana area and graduate of Indiana University,  has worked with the Japan Study Program since July 1991.  Mary comes from a farming background where hard-work, common sense and practicality are essential.   Having put three children through college, she is familiar with parent-related questions and concerns.  Don't hesitate to call her for any information regarding the program's details or logistics.

Waseda University Office

Michiyo Nagayama | Program Associate, International Division, Waseda University
Michiyo has worked with Japan Study at the Waseda University office since 1984. She has extensive experience working with host families and providing support to students. As an undergraduate at Waseda University, she participated on the Japan Study program and studied abroad at Albion College for a year. She received her MA and Ph.D. in Education from Waseda University. Her research interests include liberal arts colleges and study abroad programs. She also teaches at Rikkyo University about multiculturalism and higher education.

Sarah Bernard Asada | Program Assistant, International Division, Waseda University
A graduate of Antioch College, Sarah participated in the Japan Study program in 2002-03 and has been working with Japan Study since 2004. Sarah is currently completing her Ph.D. in International Studies at the Waseda University. Her research focuses on the long-term impacts of study abroad on participants’ personal, academic, and career development. In addition to her experience at Japan Study supporting American and Japanese students in their study abroad experiences, she has worked as a research assistant and teaching assistant at Waseda University and has 7 years of experience as a teacher at a private high school and junior high school located in Tokyo.