Classes at Waseda University

Language study is at the core of the Japan Study experience and students are required to take six credits of Japanese language each semester at the Center for Japanese Language. Language instruction stresses the four skill areas: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. For additional credit, students can take an elective Language Development Workshop on topics such as aural-oral, kanji, literature and reading (for advanced students only), and writing.

Students also take courses at the School of International Liberal Studies (SILS) at Waseda University. SILS offers a wide array of courses taught in English, covering various topics in Japanese and Asian studies, as well as content courses across the curriculum. Waseda professors, who come from Japan and around the globe, teach these classes.  

About 85% of SILS students are Japanese; the rest are international. Non-Japanese students, including study abroad students, enroll in Japanese language courses at CJL as well as academic courses at SILS.

Transfer of Credit to the Home Campus
Students should consult with their home campus advisor or off-campus studies officer for details on their college’s credit transfer policies, keeping in mind that there may be limits on the number of credits that may be transferred. The minimum semester course load at Waseda is 14; the maximum is 21. Students participating in the Cultural Internship earn an additional two credits.  It is the student's responsbility to make sure courses taken at Waseda have been approved by your advisor for distribution to your major.

The Earlham transcript along with the Waseda transcript is mailed from the Japan Study office at Earlham in late September or early October. Students who need verification of program completion or who have questions regarding the transcripts should contact Japan Study.

Courses (minimum and maximum enrollment)
Minimum Load:  Each semester, Japan Study students must enroll in
  • 6 credit hours of language courses** and
  • 8 credit hours of SILS lecture courses at the intermediate or advanced level. 

(**Students who score at Level Six are only required to take 3 credits of Japanese language, and those scoring Level 7 or above are exempt from taking Japanese.)

Maximum Load:  In addition to the above minimum course load, students may take up to an additional 6 credits in the following categories: 
  • SILS lecture courses
  • other foreign language classes
  • Students may also take one additional credit of Japanese language.
Course Offerings at Waseda
The selection of courses at Waseda varies somewhat each year.  
  1. Search the Abbreviated Course List at SILS.​
  2.  Students are also encouraged to search for current and previous syllabi on the Syllabus Search webpage to obtain more details on courses.  
    • For Term, choose Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer.
    • For Language, choose English.
    • For School, choose SILS.
    • For Course Category, students are encouraged to choose Advanced or Intermediate courses.
    • Click Search.
    • To get course descriptions and credit hours, click the "Choose" button on the right.
    • (Students may be able to take one course per semester in schools outside of SILS with availability and approval.)

Japanese Language Offerings at Waseda

  1. For Term, choose Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer.
  2. Enter 'Comprehensive Japanese' under course title
  3. For School, choose CJL. (Center for Japanese Language)
  4. Click Search.
  5. To get course descriptions and credit hours, click the "Choose" button on the right.