Blogs and Profiles

Abigail Dawson | Earlham College, Academic Year 2014-15
Abigail Dawson is a Japanese Studies major at Earlham College. She is a horseback rider and loves all animals. Her other hobbies include drawing and watching scary movies. She is currently blogging (in English and Japanese) about her experiences studying abroad at Waseda University. Her favorite part about Japan so far is being surrounded by the Japanese language and getting to know lots of really great people. She hopes that students interested in studying abroad in Japan will enjoy the entries and pictures on her blog.

Kayla Abe | Vassar University, Academic Year 2013-14

Oringially from San Francisco, Kayla Abe is a Geography major and Urban Studies minor at Vassar College in New York. A foodie, environmentalist, and craftswoman, Kayla is inspired by design, good eats, local culture, and urban sustainability, which frame her mindset and drive her travels across Japan. Though her heritage as a fourth generation Japanese-American initiated her interest in Japan, Kayla has since developed a deep love of the country's traditional culture, history and language. Join her on her adventure as she dives into a foreign culture, experiences living in a home stay, and traverses Tokyo on a hunt for the best bowl of ramen in the city.

Andrea Kahlow | Lawrence University, Fall 2013

Andrea Kahlow is a student from Lawrence University majoring in East Asian Studies. Her interests include traveling, trying new cuisines, reading a good book, pilates, and listening to too much Kpop. After taking a gap year to study in South Korea she decided to further study about East Asia and try living in a new country! The following blog is her own personal experience and adventures of living as a university student in Tokyo, Japan.


Christopher Nguyen | Oberlin College, Spring 2014

Christopher Nguyen is an Economics and East Asian Studies double-major at Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio. He loves video games, playing both Korean traditional drums and taiko, and learning foreign languages. His love for studying Japanese language and culture in particular led him to take part in Japan Study, during which he hopes to enrich his understanding of the world by immersing himself in a new country. He will be writing articles for middle schoolers as a Reach the World travel correspondent and hopes that you will also read along during his first experience abroad.


Emma Beckman | Earlham College, Academic Year 2012-13
Emma Beckman is majoring in Japanese Studies at Earlham College. Her interests include jogging, listening to music, and traveling. Emma describes her year at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan as having "had way too much fun and had probably the best year of my life so far." She decided to blog throughout the year for her own purposes, but hopes that others interested in studying abroad in Japan can get an idea of what it is like to live there from reading her posts!

Lucas Kushner | Kalamazoo College, Academic Year 2012-13
Lucas Kushner is a student at Kalamazoo College studying Physics and Computer Science. He is a juggler, a programmer, a (mediocre) pianist, and a guy who loves trying new things. Despite having never studied the history or culture of East Asia, he decided to study abroad in Japan for the enriching experience of life in a new culture, and the following blog chronicles some stories that happened along the way.

Marta Schnider | Knox College, Academic Year 2012-13

Marta Schneider is an Economics and Asian Studies double-major at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois. Having lived in Japan as a child and visited with family and as part of a school trip, she is looking forward to experiencing Japan in a completely different way and finding out more about how Japan has influenced her life and fits into her future. In her free time, Marta enjoys traveling and hopes to do so in Japan and around Asia. Join Marta on her journey abroad!



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