Campus Representatives & Advisors

Associated Colleges of the Midwest

Beloit College - Susan Furukawa
Carleton College - Noboru Tomonari
Coe College - David Nordmann
Colorado College - Joan Ericson
Cornell College - Carolyn Enns or Stephanie Nomura
Grinnell College - Mariko Shigeta Schimmel
Knox College - Mat Ryohei Matsuda
Lake Forest College - Cathy Benton
Lawrence University - Laura Zuege
Luther College - Scott Hurley
Macalester College - Satoko Suzuki
Monmouth College - James Godde
Ripon College - Martin Farrell
St. Olaf College - Hiroe Akimoto

Great Lakes Colleges Association

Albion College - Debra Peterson
Allegheny College - Jenny Kawata
Denison University - Michael Tangeman
DePauw University - Hiroko Chiba
Earlham College - Dyron Dabney or Kiah Puth
Hope College - Andy Nakajima
Kalamazoo College - Rose Bundy
Kenyon College - Hideo Tomita
Oberlin College - Ann Sherif
Ohio Wesleyan University - Jun Kawabe or Darrell Albon
Wabash College - Kay Widdows

College of Wooster - David McConnell

Affiliated/Non-Consortial Colleges

Northwestern University - Yumi Shiojima or Alicia Stanley
Smith College - Marnie Anderson or Maki Hubbard

University of Puget Sound - Mikiko Ludden or Roy Robertson
Vassar College - Hiromi Dollase or Tracey Holland
Wesleyan University - Emily Gorlewski or Naho Maruta
Williams College - Kasumi Yamamoto or Laura McKeon


Students from other schools may have their Study Abroad Director sign for the campus representative/advisor signature.