Double Degree Program

A Unique Opportunity for Waseda Students

Earlham and Waseda have established a new double-degree program that will provide unprecedented opportunities for students at both institutions.  This program is only open to Earlham College students and Waseda students.  We hope to provide this option at all GLCA/ACM campuses in the future.

The partnership with Earlham’s Japan Study Program will be the first such undergraduate double-degree program they have with an institution in the United States.

Based on the idea of “Harmonization of Eastern and Western Cultures” espoused by Waseda University founder Okuma Shigenobu, one of the goals of the university is “co-creation of knowledge in the Asia-Pacific region”. This aims to construct greater understanding, new thoughts, and international opportunities through the exchange of people and knowledge rooted in the Asia-Pacific region. In order to realize the “co-creation of knowledge in the Asia-Pacific region,” Waseda University introduced the Double Degree Program with the cooperation of partner universities, with whom we have steadily succeeded in strengthening partnerships.

Japan Study and Waseda University’s Double Degree Program (DDP) is an educational program in which students can obtain two degrees (from Waseda and a partner university) upon their graduation from both universities. As a general rule, the program’s basic structure is based on the existing curriculum of both Waseda University and participating colleges.

Waseda students who are interested must have at least 3 semesters completed at Waseda, a TOEFL score of 92 IBT/ 580 PBT / 237 CBT, and a 3.0 GPA.  Prior to enrollment at Earlham, students are required to take courses emphasizing reading and writing in English as well as relevant roductory courses for the majors you wish to study at Earlham.  Majors available at Earlham are:  English Literature, International Studies, Peace and Global Studies (PAGS) and Physics.  Each of these majors may have certain course/class requirements that Waseda students must have taken at Waseda before enrolling at Earlham.

Waseda students must complete courses in general education and in their major area of study.  The lists below are guidelines; the exact requirements will be determined in discussions between the student and the faculty advisor.  Additional information about courses, general education, and major requirements is available on the Earlham website.

General Education Courses

At Waseda (prior to enrollment at Earlham)

     •First-year seminar course emphasizing reading and writing in English

At Earlham (common courses to all majors listed below)

     •Writing Intensive (3 credits)

     •Domestic Diversity (3 or 4 credits)

     •Divisional Requirements: Students are expected to complete six credits in each academic division of the College

     •Wellness (4 courses)

Majors Available 
*Note:  In the lists below, one Earlham course equals 3 to 5 semester hours of credit.

1.  English Literature Major

At Waseda prior to enrollment at Earlham

     •U.S., British, or post-colonial literature in original English (2 courses)

     •History:  U.S. or European (1 course)

At Earlham (32 credits)

     •Foundations of Literary Study/ENG 302 (1 course)

     •Five other English courses 300-level or above; at least one from each:

     Peace and Justice (ENG 350, 351, 353, 358, 364, 463)

     Theoretical Approaches (ENG 369, 370, 371, 372)

     Genre (ENG 378, 379, 380, 382, 383, 384, 386, 387)

     •Research Seminar in English Literature/ENG 401 (1 course)

     •Senior Capstone Experience/ENG 488 (1 course)

2.  International Studies Major

At Waseda prior to enrollment at Earlham (or equivalent)

     •Macroeconomics (1 course)

     •Microeconomics (1 course)

     •Introduction to Political Science (1 course)

     •Statistics (1 course)

At Earlham (28 to 32 credits)

     •Introduction to Politics/Diplomacy/International Studies (1 course)

     •Sociolinguistics or Philosophy of Language (1 course)

     •Upper-level research methodology in history and political science (2 courses)

     •Economics, Politics, and History (4 courses; one of each plus a fourth)

     •Senior Capstone Experience: Research Seminar (1 course)

3.  Peace & Global Studies Major

At Waseda prior to enrollment at Earlham

     •Macroeconomics (1 course)

     •Intro to Political Science (1 course)

At Earlham (6 courses total; 22-26 credits)

     •Intro to International Relations OR Intro to Diplomacy (1 course)

     •Global Dynamics & World Peace (1 course)

     •Three 300-level courses from the following: a) Theories of International Relations; b) International Law; c) Postcolonial Theory

     •Contemporary Social Thought (3 courses) 

     •Senior Capstone Experience (1 course)

4.  Physics Major

At Waseda prior to enrollment at Earlham

     •Calculus (2 courses)

     •Differential Equations or Multivariate Calculus (1 course)

     •Calculus-based Introductory Physics (2 courses)

At Earlham (22-23 credits)

     •Differential Equations or Multivariate Calculus (1 course) (whichever one was not taken before)

     •Physics (5 courses)

     •Senior Seminar and Senior Capstone Experience (2 courses)

Co-curricular Opportunities

Sports, fine arts, community service, outdoor education, May Term, and other opportunities


Students pay for room and board charges and 50% of tuition costs.  Current 16-17 charges are as follows:

Tuition - $22,185 (50% of $44,370)

Room and Board - $9,570

Fees - $339

Additional Considerations

1.  Waseda students will not be able to participate in any of Earlham’s semester-long study-abroad programs during their 4 semesters, although they would be eligible to enroll in May Term and other programs offered during spring, summer, and semester breaks when classes are not in session.  Some of these programs such as May Term require additional tuition and fees; others such as outdoor education and service learning programs are made available to students at minimal cost.

2.  Earlham would be willing to consider the possibility of accepting a CS-L student into the double-degree program.  The exact number of semesters would be determined on a case-by-case basis.

3. Waseda students should begin their 4 semesters at Earlham in the Fall Semester in order to take advantage of various new-student orientation programs.

4.  Waseda double-degree students must remain in good academic standing as defined by Earlham College and make progress toward completion of their program in 4 semesters in order to continue to receive their 50% tuition scholarship.

5.  The Earlham College diploma would be issued after the student completes all requirements for the Waseda and Earlham degrees, although Waseda students will be able to participate in Earlham graduation ceremonies at the end of their 4 semesters.

6.  Courses and majors offered are subject to change.

If you are a Waseda student interested in this program, please contact staff in the CIE and the G/A Japan Study office.   Selection is limited to two students per year.  Forms that you will need to complete are found here: