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Earlham College Office

Dyron Dabney

Dyron Dabney | Director
dabnedy@earlham.edu | 765-983-1493

Dyron Dabney is the Director of Japan Study and an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science. His research and teaching interests include Japanese electoral politics and elite politics. His current research projects include an examination of spousal participation effects on election campaign outcomes in Japan, and an investigation of gender and political ethics in Japan. Dyron is a 2012-2014 Maureen and Mike Mansfield U.S.-Japan Network for the Future scholar, and regular guest lecturer at the Matsushita of Government and Management, Kanagawa, and Sophia University, Tokyo. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Mary Owens

Mary Owens | Program Coordinator
owensma@earlham.edu | 765-983-1224

Mary, a native of the Richmond, Indiana area and graduate of Indiana University, has worked with the Japan Study Program since July 1991. Mary comes from a farming background where hard-work, common sense and practicality are essential. Having put three children through college, she is familiar with parent-related questions and concerns. Don't hesitate to call her for any information regarding the program's details or logistics.

Shannon Herbert

Shannon Herbert | Program Associate
herbesh@earlham.edu | 765-983-1883

Shannon is a 2014 alumna of Earlham College and participated in the 2012-2013 Japan Study Program. She brings expertise in helping students fund their educational pursuits abroad. Shannon completed her cultural internship at the Buddhist monastery, Sogenji, and was employed as an English tutor throughout her time in Japan. She is available to answer any questions about adapting to life in Japan and getting the most out of your time abroad.

Waseda University Office

Eric Wiertelak | Resident Director

The Resident Director is chosen each year from a GLCA/ACM member college. While not always a Japan specialist, the Resident Director is professionally interested in Japan. For the 2017-18 academic year, Eric Wiertelak, Professor of Neuroscience at Macalester College, will be the Japan Study Resident Director. In addition to teaching a course each semester, Professor Wiertelak will be available throughout the year as a faculty advisor, mentor, and Dean of Students. Professor Wiertelak will host Japan Study participants for dinners, discussion meetings, and a variety of special events.

Michiyo Nagayama | Program Coordinator

Michiyo has worked with Japan Study at the Waseda University office since 1984. She has extensive experience working with host families and providing support to students. As an undergraduate at Waseda University, she participated on the Japan Study program and studied abroad at Albion College for a year. She received her MA and Ph.D. in Education from Waseda University. Her research interests include liberal arts colleges and study abroad programs. She also teaches at Rikkyo University about multiculturalism and higher education.

Karen Maruyama | Program Associate

Karen graduated from Denison University in 2012 and participated in the 2010-2011 Japan Study Program. She has been living and teaching in Japan since graduation and is currently attending the Graduate Program of Global Studies at Sophia University in Tokyo. She has experience navigating cultural differences in Japan and can provide assistance with questions about daily life, cultural concerns, and homestays.