Japan Study
Linking Japan and the United States Through Educational Exchange

Program Overview

Discover Japan


Program highlights

  • Classes at Waseda University, one of Japan's elite academic institutions

  • Cultural Internship: A month-long opportunity to engage in Japanese culture outside of Tokyo

  • Intensive Japanese language courses

  • Access to over 800 student clubs

  • Homestay with a Japanese family

  • Orientation in Tokyo

  • Group trips and excursions

  • 24/7 support staff in the U.S. and Japan

Program Options

Full Year: Mid-September through early August (includes Cultural Internship)

Fall Semester: Mid-September through mid-February

Spring Semester: Late March through early August


Complete cultural immersion and academic excellence

Japan Study helps students develop a deep knowledge of Japanese language and society through a homestay experience, classes at Waseda University, and various cultural activities throughout the year. Students build on their language ability through intensive Japanese language courses at Waseda and daily life experiences living in Tokyo. Participants further their knowledge of Japanese society through a home stay or dormitory living experience, university classes and club activities, and a cultural internship. Group meetings and retreats enable students to reflect on their experiences and connect them to their academic and personal goals. The program applies toward students’ undergraduate degree programs and prepares them to use their knowledge and cultural competency later in professional and post-graduate educational settings.


Japan Study enables students to become international citizens as they explore Japan in depth, build language skills, and experience Japanese culture. Living with a Japanese family, taking courses at Waseda University, and participating in a cultural internship offer different windows for experiencing and understanding the complex society of contemporary Japan.

Learning Goals

  • To develop Japanese language proficiency to a level sufficient for daily communication and engagement with Japanese people and to work toward a level sufficient for reading and writing in Japanese

  • To develop intercultural competencies and apply them in the Japanese context through cultural immersion in a variety of settings such as host family, courses, co-curricular activities, and the cultural internship

  • To develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of Japanese society, its cultural norms, and its relationship to the global community

  • To deepen knowledge of the history of Japan and its contemporary political, economic, environmental, and cultural issues through course work at Waseda University, a cultural internship, and other activities

  • To engage in reflection about professional and personal goals related to Japan