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academic year, fall, and spring

2020-2021 Application

Deadline January 6, 2020


All students enrolled in a 4-year American college or university are eligible to apply. Preference is given to qualified applicants from GLCA/ACM colleges. Selection is competitive. A minimum grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale is required. Acceptance to the program is contingent on completion of at least one semester or term of Japanese language study (or equivalent) prior to departure and on approval of the School of International Liberal Studies at Waseda University.

Application Process

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Step 1

Download the Application Packet and Instructions. This packet includes essay questions, recommendation forms, a waiver form, and a study abroad approval form. Follow all instructions carefully.  Your home college will have an internal application for study abroad applicants separate from the Japan Study application. Some colleges have a very early fall deadline.  Please contact your study abroad office as soon as possible to determine the deadline for this application.

Step 2

Enter the online application portal to begin your application after thoroughly reading the Application Instructions. You will need to create an account. You can save your application and come back to it at any time, but all application materials must be completed and submitted by the deadline. All essays are submitted through the online portal found at japanstudy.slideroom.com.

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step 3

Gather all necessary documents to be mailed separately from the online application. Refer to the Application Instructions for a complete list of documents needed. Keep copies of all documents.

Remember to give the recommendation forms (2) to your chosen references.  It is especially important to request your recommendations before winter break because professors are very busy at this time of the year.


Step 4

Complete all forms. All hard copy documents must be received by the January deadline*. The online application must be submitted by the deadline to be eligible for consideration.  ( *We understand that official transcripts may not be ready by the deadline.  Please send when they are available, and send unofficial in the meantime.)


Campus Representatives & Advisors

Great Lakes Colleges Association

Albion College | Midori Yoshii, Associate Professor of International Studies
(517) 629-0587 | myoshii@albion.edu

Allegheny College | Lucinda Morgan, Director of International Programs
(814) 332-4891 | lmorgan@allegheny.edu

Antioch College | Toyoko Miwa-Osborne, Instructor of Japanese
(937) 319-0103 | tosborne@antiochcollege.org

Denison University | Michael Tangeman, Associate Professor of East Asian Studies
(740) 587-6423 | tangemanm@denison.edu

DePauw University | Hiroko Chiba, Professor of Modern Languages
(765) 658-4599 | hchiba@depauw.edu

Earlham College | Kelly Remo, Japan Study Program Associate
(765) 983-1883 | remoke@earlham.edu

Hope College | Andy Nakajima, Associate Professor of Japanese
(616) 395-7885 | nakajima@hope.edu

Kalamazoo College | Noriko Sugimori, Professor of Japanese
(269) 337-7408 | sugimori@kzoo.edu

Kenyon College | Meghan Mason / Marne Ausec
(740) 427-5572 | masonm@kenyon.edu / ausecm@kenyon.edu

Oberlin College | Ann Sherif, Professor of Japanese
(440) 775-8827 | ann.sherif@oberlin.edu

Ohio Wesleyan University | Jun Kawabe, Lecturer in Modern Languages, Japanese
(740) 368-3692 | jjkawabe@owu.edu

Wabash College | Amy Weir, Director of Off-Campus Studies
(765) 361-6078 | weira@wabash.edu

The College of Wooster | David McConnell, Professor of Anthropology
(330) 263-2476 | dmcconnell@wooster.edu

Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM)

Beloit College | Susan Furukawa, Assistant Professor of Japanese
(608) 363-2931 | furukawas@beloit.edu

Carleton College | Noboru Tomonari, Associate Professor of Japanese
(507) 222-5955 | ntomonar@carleton.edu

Coe College | David Nordmann, Associate Professor of History
(319) 399-8692 | dnordman@coe.edu

Colorado College | Joan Ericson, Professor of Japanese
(719) 389-6567 | jericson@coloradocollege.edu

Cornell College | Erin Davis, Associate Dean (319) 895-4296 | edavis@cornellcollege.edu

Grinnell College | Mariko Schimmel, Associate Professor of Japanese
(641) 269-4498 | schimmel@grinnell.edu

Knox College | Ryohei Matsuda, Associate Professor of Asian Studies
(309) 341-7241 | rmatsuda@knox.edu

Lawrence University | Laura Zuege, Director of Off-Campus Programs
(920) 832-7354 | laura.b.zuege@lawrence.edu

Luther College |Gereon Kopf, Professor of Religion (563) 387-1497 | kopfg@luther.edu

Macalester College | Satoko Suzuki, Professor of Asian Languages and Cultures
(651) 696-6723 | suzuki@macalester.edu

Monmouth College | Tim Gaster, Associate Professor of Modern Languages
(309) 457-2306 |tgaster@monmouthcollege.edu

Ripon College | Michele Wittler, Associate Dean of Faculty and Registrar
(920) 748-8119 | wittlerm@ripon.edu

St. Olaf College | Rika Ito, Associate Professor of Japanese
(507) 786-3637 | ito@stolaf.edu


Non-Consortial Institutions

Barnard College | Wendy Garay, IISP Associate Dean
(212) 854-1777 |  wgaray@barnard.edu

Bates College | Keiko Konoeda, Lecturer in Japanese
(207) 786-6405 | kkonoeda@bates.edu

Northwestern University | Yumi Shiojima, Study Abroad Coordinator
(847) 491-2764 | shiojima@northwestern.edu

Smith College | Maki Hubbard, Professor of Japanese
(413) 585-3446 | mhubbard@smith.edu

Tufts University | Stephen Hall, Foreign Study Advisor
(617) 627-2000 | stephen.hall@tufts.edu

University of Puget Sound | Jan Leuchtengerger, Professor, Asian Studies
(253) 879-2996 | jleuchtenberger@pugetsound.edu | Mikiko Ludden, Instructor, Asian Studies
(253) 879-3628 | mludden@pugetsound.edu

Vassar College | Peipei Qiu, Professor of Chinese and Japanese
(845) 437-5253 | peqiu@vassar.edu

Wesleyan University | Mary Alice Haddad, Professor of Government
(860) 685-4865 | mahaddad@wesleyan.edu

Williams College | Kasumi Yamamoto, Professor of Japanese
(413) 597-2532 | kyamamot@williams.edu