Japan Study

Double Degree


A Unique Opportunity for Waseda Students

Earlhamites are the kind of passionate thinkers who take action by using their whole mind and heart to make a difference and move the world forward. Nowhere is the world closer than Earlham College.

GLCA/ACM Japan Study and Waseda have established a new double-degree program that provides unprecedented opportunities for students at both institutions. The partnership with Earlham College is the first such undergraduate double-degree program Waseda has created with an institution in the United States.
Based on the idea of “Harmonization of Eastern and Western Cultures” espoused by Waseda University founder Okuma Shigenobu, one of the university’s goals is “co-creation of knowledge in the Asia-Pacific region.” This goal aims to construct greater understanding, to foster new ways of thinking, and to create international opportunities through the exchange of people and knowledge rooted in the Asia-Pacific region. In order to realize this goal, Waseda University, in cooperation with partner institutions, introduced the Double Degree Program and has continued to steadily strengthen its relations with these colleges and universities across the world.
Waseda University’s Double Degree Program (DDP) is an educational program in which students obtain two degrees (from Waseda and a partner university) upon their graduation from both institutions. As a general rule, the program’s basic structure is based on the existing curriculum of both Waseda University and participating institutions.


Earlham College

  • 1832年に創⽴クェーカー教徒のリーダーを育成

  • クェーカー教平和/平等主義/質素/奉仕

  • 学生数1100名20%が International Students (63ヵ国から)


Earlham 留学中の2年間に64単位を取得

  • 必須科⽬

    • Writing Intensive / Domestic Diversity

    • Scientific Inquiry with Lab / Arts / Wellness

  • 専⾨門科⽬

以下4つの専攻から⼀一つを専攻し、25~36 単位を取得

① English Literature
② Physics
③ International Studies
④ Peace and Global Studies


① GPA3.0以上
② TOEFL 92 IBT / 237 CBT
③ プログラム参加費

  • 約490万円(2年間学費とDDP登録料を含む)


  • 寮費は約 290 万円(2年間、1日3食付)

質問は, michiyo.n@kurenai.waseda.jp ⻑山道代までどうぞ。